Connecting Polkadot JS with Standard Protocol Network

It is time to connect polkadot.js extension with Opportunity Testnet app (called a wallet). To do so please use the following link:
Polkadot.js extension window will pop up and ask You to confirm that You want to connect the extension with this app. It is always good to check whether the address of the app is correct. If everything is ok just click the button indicated by the arrow (Yes, allow this application access).
Now You are connected to the Opportunity Testnet app. To see Your accounts choose the Accounts/Accounts section like the arrow indicates. (ps. sometimes it is necessary to update Metadata. In that case go to Settings>Metadata and click Update metadata on the right of Your screen and confirm it with polkakdot.js extension).
In this section You can see Your recently added accounts. At this moment they are empty.
Now You can check what Your account address is in the Opportunity Tesnet app. To do so click on for example stash account’s name. On the right pops up a panel with information about Your account including address. As You can see it is different from that which was visible above on the earlier stage. To copy address to clipboard just click this round graphic wirf purple elements above address.